• 13 July 2024

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Protein per 100 calories Calculator

Insert calories and protein per 100 gr and calculate the amount of protein per 100 calories (kcal)..

Vitamins & Minerals 💊Daily Intake Calculator

Vitamins & Minerals Daily Dosage Calculator Ad Tables of Daily Intake of Vitamins & Supplements In most vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, side effects are related to high dosages from…

Vitamin D ☀ IU to mcg calculator

Conversion of IU units of vitamin D to mcg of vitamin D.

Daily BCAA’s Intake Calculator

Daily BCAA’S dosage calculator *BCAA’s Amino Acids Daily Dosage According to the World Health Organization(WHO) Links & References BCAA’s AMINO ACIDS

Daily Protein Intake Calculator for Muscle Mass

How much protein do you need per day to increase muscle mass according to the study "Recent Perspectives on the Role of Dietary Protein in Promoting Muscle Hypertrophy with Training…

Basal Metabolic 💫 Rate and Weight Maintenance Calories Calculator

Online BMR Calculator (feet and pounds) to find your Basal Metabolic Rate and your daily weight maintenance calories based on your activity level. (Harris -Benedict Formula)